Here is a list of some commonly used short forms or abbreviations in the context of income tax in the USA:

  1. AFSP Annual Filing Season Program
  2. AGI Adjusted Gross Income
  3. AICPA American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  4. AMT Alternative Minimum Tax
  5. APS Advanced Pricing Agreement
  6. BEAT Base Erosion and AntiAbuse Tax
  7. CARES Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act
  8. CBP Customs and Border Protection
  9. CCA Chief Counsel Advice
  10. CFC Controlled Foreign Corporations
  11. CI Criminal Investigation
  12. CIRA Centralized Industry Audit Regime
  13. CMIR Currency and Monetary Instrument Report
  14. CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  15. COD Cancellation of Debt
  16. CPEO Certified Professional Employer Organization
  17. CTC Child Tax Credit
  18. DAF DonorAdvised Fund
  19. DAP Domestic Asset Protection Trust
  20. DCN Document Control Number
  21. DIF Discriminant Index Function
  22. DOL Department of Labor
  23. DRD Dividend Received Deduction
  24. DTA Deferred Tax Asset
  25. DTAA Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
  26. EAD Employment Authorization Document
  27. ECI Effectively Connected Income
  28. EFTPS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
  29. EIN Employer Identification Number
  30. EITC Earned Income Tax Credit
  31. ELP Employment Law Poster
  32. EMR Experience Modification Rate
  33. ENQ Examination Notification Letter
  34. EORI Economic Operator Registration and Identification
  35. ES Estimated Tax Payments
  36. ETA Electronic Travel Authorization
  37. ETN Exempt Trustee Notification
  38. ETR Effective Tax Rate
  39. FATCA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
  40. FBAR Foreign Bank Account Report
  41. FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act
  42. FDAP Fixed, Determinable, Annual, or Periodical Income
  43. FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  44. FICA Federal Insurance Contributions Act
  45. FINCEN Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
  46. FISMA Federal Information Security Management Act
  47. FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act
  48. FMV Fair Market Value
  49. FUTA Federal Unemployment Tax Act
  50. GILTI Global Intangible LowTaxed Income
  51. GSA General Services Administration
  52. HCE Highly Compensated Employee
  53. HSA Health Savings Account
  54. IDA Investment Development Account
  55. IDP Individual Development Plan
  56. IFR Interim Final Rule
  57. IFTA International Fuel Tax Agreement
  58. IGCE Independent Government Cost Estimate
  59. IIA International Investment Agreement
  60. ILSA Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act
  61. IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity
  62. INA Immigration and Nationality Act
  63. IP PIN Identity Protection Personal Identification Number
  64. IPPF International Professional Practices Framework
  65. IRB Internal Revenue Bulletin
  66. IRC Internal Revenue Code
  67. IRS Internal Revenue Service
  68. ISO Incentive Stock Option
  69. ITIN Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  70. ITRA Innocent Spouse Relief Agreement
  71. JCT Joint Committee on Taxation
  72. K1 Schedule K
  73. W2 Wage and Tax Statement
  74. 1099 Miscellaneous Income Statement
  75. 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return
  76. 1040EZ Income Tax Return for Single and Joint Filers With No Dependents
  77. 1099R Distributions From Pensions, Annuities, Retirement or ProfitSharing Plans, IRAs, Insurance Contracts, etc.
  78. SALT State and Local Taxes
  79. RMD Required Minimum Distribution
  80. QBI Qualified Business Income
  81. ACA Affordable Care Act
  82. SEP Simplified Employee Pension Plan
  83. IRA Individual Retirement Account
  84. ROTH IRA Roth Individual Retirement Account
  85. FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  86. FATCA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Ac
  87. HOH Head of Household
  88. EIC Earned Income Credit
  89. NOL Net Operating Loss
  90. QCD Qualified Charitable Distribution
  91. PTC Premium Tax Credit
  92. SSN Social Security Number
  93. ACTC Additional Child Tax Credit
  94. AOTC American Opportunity Tax Credit
  95. SSB Social Security Benefits
  96. SE Tax SelfEmployment Tax
  97. CG Capital Gains
  98. E&P Earnings and Profits
  99. NQDC Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
  100. PFIC Passive Foreign Investment Company
  101. OVDP Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program
  102. FATF Financial Action Task Force
  103. BEAT Base Erosion and AntiAbuse Tax.
  104. AFR Applicable Federal Rate
  105. QI Qualified Intermediary
  106. FIRPTA Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act
  107. CTR Currency Transaction Report
  108. FAT Foreign Account Tax Compliance
  109. FTB Franchise Tax Board
  110. SBE State Board of Equalization
  111. FTI Financially troubled Institution
  112. UI Unemployment Insurance
  113. NUA Net Unrealized Appreciation
  114. EO Exempt Organization
  115. HCTC Health Coverage Tax Credit
  116. QTP Qualified Tuition Program
  117. QSEHRA Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement
  118. RPE Regulated Public Utility
  119. RPT Real Property Tax
  120. UBTI Unrelated Business Taxable Income
  121. VCP Voluntary Correction Program
  122. TCJA Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  123. UCC Uniform Capitalization Rules
  124. OIC Offer in Compromise
  125. RAL Refund Anticipation Loan
  126. R&D Research and Development Credit
  127. ROBS Rollovers for Business Startups
  128. SALT State and Local Tax Deduction
  129. SDI State Disability Insurance
  130. SMLLC SingleMember LLC
  131. SSI Supplemental Security Income
  132. TIN Tax Identification Number
  133. TPA ThirdParty Administrator
  134. TPFA Taxpayer First Act
  135. UCE Unreasonable Compensation Excise Tax
  136. UDAAP Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices
  137. UPREIT Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust
  138. W4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
  139. W9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
  140. WOTC Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  141. YTD YeartoDate
  142. NII Net Investment Income
  143. TEFRA Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act
  144. OBRA Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
  145. SLR Safe Harbor Lease Rule
  146. BOE Board of Equalization
  147. BPT Business Privilege Tax
  148. CTR Cash Transaction Report
  149. DI Disability Insurance
  150. ETM Electronic Tax Administration and Management
  151. FSP Financial Services Provider
  152. HVUT Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
  153. OASDI Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance
  154. PI Personal Injury
  155. PITI Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance
  156. SBC Summary of Benefits and Coverage
  157. TBOR Taxpayer Bill of Rights
  158. TPS Temporary Protected Status
  159. UCR Unified Carrier Registration
  160. CAA Consolidated Appropriations Act
  161. QSF Qualified Settlement Fund
  162. SED Source of Earned Dividends
  163. SBA Small Business Administration
  164. ARPA American Rescue Plan Act
  165. CTRM Commodity Trading and Risk Management
  166. ESOP Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  167. FSA Flexible Spending Account
  168. COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
  169. HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  170. FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act
  171. ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
  172. EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  173. SUTA State Unemployment Tax Act
  174. STD ShortTerm Disability
  175. LTD LongTerm Disability
  176. COGS Cost of Goods Sold
  177. FDII ForeignDerived Intangible Income
  178. FIRRMA Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act
  179. SSO Single SignOn
  180. 2FA TwoFactor Authentication
  181. ENS Enterprise Network Security
  182. OPEB Other Postemployment Benefits
  183. ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act
  184. NDT NonDisclosure Agreement
  185. VPN Virtual Private Network
  186. DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  187. EEA European Economic Area
  188. GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
  189. CCPA California Consumer Privacy Act
  190. COPPA Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
  191. NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
  192. PCI DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  193. SSAE Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements
  194. SOC Service Organization Control
  195. CAS Cost Accounting Standards
  196. DFARS Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
  197. FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation
  198. ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations
  199. SAM System for Award Management
  200. TINA Truth in Negotiations Act
  201. VAT ValueAdded Tax
  202. OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
  203. UCCJEA Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
  204. UETA Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
  205. UCC Uniform Commercial Code
  206. WPA Whistleblower Protection Act
  207. IRFA Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis
  208. OMB Office of Management and Budget
  209. PRA Paperwork Reduction Act
  210. RFA Regulatory Flexibility Act
  211. SCRA Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
  212. ESG Environmental, Social, and Governance
  213. EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
  214. OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  215. USERRA Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
  216. I9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form
  217. WIOA Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
  218. EBSA Employee Benefits Security Administration
  219. 23C Assessment Date; Master File Notice Date
  220. A/R Accounts Receivable
  221. AAC Automated Accounting System also AIMS Assignee Code
  222. AAV Accountability Acceptance Voucher
  223. ABC Alpha Block Control
  224. ABIS Audit Base Inventory System
  225. ABS Abstract (Number)
  226. ACD Automated Call Distribution/Distributor (CADE)
  227. ACI Assistant Commissioner International
  228. ACIS AIMS Computer Information System
  229. ACL Access Control List (CADE)
  230. ACS Automated Collection System
  231. ACTC Advance Child Tax Credit
  232. ACTRFR GMF Account Transfers-In (BMF/IMF)
  233. ADCS Automated Document Control System
  234. ADDAPT Alternative DIF Delivery and Planning Tool
  235. ADH Automated Document Handling
  236. ADJ Adjustment
  237. ADP Automatic Data Processing
  238. ADR Advance Dated Remittances
  239. ADSI Action Delete Status Indicator
  240. AEIC Advanced Earned Income Credit
  241. AES Automated Examination System
  242. AICS Automated Inventory Control System
  243. AIIS Automated Issues Identification System
  244. AIMF Audit Information Management File
  245. AIMS Audit Information Management System
  246. AIS Automated Insolvency System
  247. AM Accounts Maintenance
  248. AMA Accounts Maintenance Automation
  249. AMS Audit Management System
  250. AMIR Audit Management Information Reports
  251. AMIS Adjustment Management Information System
  252. AMRH Accounts Maintenance Research
  253. AMTAP Accounts Management Taxpayer Assurance Program
  254. ANMF Automated Non-Master File
  255. AO Area Office
  256. AOIC Automated Offers in Compromise
  257. AP Adjustment Pending
  258. Any line marked with # is for official use only
  259. Acronyms Definition
  260. APL Authorized Preparer List
  261. ARDI Accounts Receivable Dollar Inventory
  262. ARL Adjustment Record List
  263. ASED Assessment Statute Expiration Date
  264. ASFR Automated Substitute for Return
  265. ATAF ACS Taxpayer Account File
  266. ATAO Application for Tax Assistance Order
  267. ATIN Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number
  268. ATS Abusive Tax Shelter
  269. ATSDT Abusive Tax Shelter Detection Team
  270. AUR Automated Underreporter Project
  271. AUS Automated Underreporter System
  272. AWMS Automated Workload Management System
  273. BCC Business Operating Division Client Code
  274. BCS Block Count Sheet
  275. BEITC Business Energy Investment Tax Credit
  276. B&F Business & Farm
  277. BHR Block Header Record
  278. BLLC Bankruptcy Litigation Location Code
  279. BMF Business Master File
  280. BOB Block Out of Balance
  281. BOD Business Operating Division
  282. BPI TOP Offset Bypass Indicator
  283. BPL Block Proof List
  284. BPR Block Proof Record
  285. BPRL Block Proof Record Listing
  286. BRTF Business Return Transaction File (CADE)
  287. BRTFOL Business Return Transaction File On-Line
  288. BRTVU Business Return Transaction Files On-Line
  289. BS Blocking Series
  290. BTIF Business Taxpayer Information File
  291. BWH Backup Withholding
  292. CADE Customer Account Data Engine
  293. CAF Centralized Authorization File
  294. CAP CAWR Automated Program Tier II System
  295. CAPR Computer Assisted Pipeline Review
  296. CAPS Corporate Accounts Processing System
  297. CAR Collection Activity Reports
  298. CATS Computer Assisted Training System
  299. CAWR Combined Annual Wage Reporting
  300. CBAF Commercial Bank Address File
  301. CBRS Currency and Banking Retrieval System
  302. CC Closing Code
  303. CC Command Code
  304. CCA Case Control Activity
  305. CCA Case Control Assignment
  306. CCC Computer Condition Code
  307. CCU Cycle Control Unit
  308. CD Certificate of Deposit
  309. CDR Control Data Recap
  310. CEMIS Coordinated Examination Management Information System for Large Cases
  311. CERS Collection/Exam Referral System
  312. CES Correspondence Expert System
  313. CFf Collection Function-field
  314. CFOL Corporate Files on Line
  315. CIS Correspondence Imaging System
  316. CLC Collection Location Code
  317. CNC Currently Not Collectable
  318. COA Change of Address
  319. COAD Coin Operated Amusement Device
  320. COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act
  321. COMPS Composite Mail Processing System
  322. CP Computer Paragraph
  323. CPL Cycle Proof Listing
  324. CPU Central Processing Unit
  325. CRIS Compliance Research Information System
  326. CRL Control Record Listing
  327. CRS Communication Replacement System
  328. CSC Cincinnati Campus
  329. CSED Collection Statute Expiration Date
  330. CSP Centralized Scheduling Program
  331. CSR Customer Service Representative
  332. CSS Clerical Screening Subsystem
  333. CUM Cumulative
  334. CUP Corrected Unpostable
  335. CVPN Civil Penalty
  336. CWA Central Withholding Agreement
  337. CY Calendar Year
  338. CYC Cycle
  339. CZ Combat Zone
  340. DAIP Delinquent Account Inventory Profile
  341. DAR Delinquent Accounts and Returns
  342. DATC Deferred Adverse Tax Consequence
  343. DBA Data Base Administrator
  344. DBPS Daily Block Proof Summary
  345. DC Dishonored Check
  346. DC Document Code
  347. DC Disposal Code
  348. DCC Detroit Computing Center
  349. DCF Dishonored Check File
  350. DCPS Data Communication Processing System
  351. DDB Dependent Database
  352. DI Desktop Integration
  353. DIAL Delinquent Investigation/Account Listing
  354. DIF Discriminate Index Function
  355. DIN Document Identification Number
  356. DIRF Delinquency Investigation Research File
  357. DIS Distribution Input System
  358. DLN Document Locator Number
  359. DM-1 Data Master 1 (SSA Tape)
  360. DMF Debtor Master File
  361. DMFOL Debtor Master File On-Line
  362. DMS Database Management System
  363. DO District Office
  364. DOAO District and Area Office Location
  365. DOC Document
  366. DOD Date of Death
  367. DP Data Processing
  368. DPC Designated Payment Code
  369. DPR Daily Production Report
  370. DRU Document Retention Unit
  371. DTR Daily Transaction Register
  372. DY Last Year Delinquent Return Secured
  373. EAC ERS Action Codes
  374. EACS EP/EO Application Control System (IDRS)
  375. EAM Electronic Accounting Machine
  376. EAN Entity Account Number
  377. EAX System ID or Run Number for EACS
  378. EC Employment Code
  379. ED Establishment Date
  380. EDP Electronic Data Processing
  381. EDS EP/EO Determination System
  382. EEIF Enhanced Entity Index File
  383. EFAST ERISA Filing Acceptance System
  384. EFDS Electronic Fraud Detection System
  385. EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
  386. EIF Entity Index File
  387. EKIF EIN Key Index File
  388. ELF Electronic Filing System
  389. EMFOL Employee Plans Master File On-Line
  390. ENC Extension Notice Code
  391. EOD End-of-Day
  392. EOM End of Month
  393. EOMF Exempt Organizations Master File
  394. EOps Enterprise Operations
  395. EOS End-of-Shift
  396. EP Employee Plans
  397. EPC Exemption Processing Code
  398. EPMF Employee Plans Master File
  399. ERA EIN Research and Assignment
  400. ERAS EIN Research and Assignment System (IDRS)
  401. ERCS Examination Returns Control System
  402. ERDF Edited Research Data File
  403. ERDS Edited Research Display File (ACTRA only)
  404. ERIS Enforcement Revenue Information System
  405. ERF Employer Return File
  406. ERIS Employment Retirement Income Security
  407. ERS Error Resolution System
  408. ES Estimated Tax
  409. ETAP Employment Tax Adjustment Program
  410. ETE Employment Tax Examination
  411. FAISR Files Archival Image Storage and Retrieval System
  412. FARC Federal Archives Record Center
  413. FE Field Examination
  414. FHWA Federal Highway Administration
  415. FICA Federal Insurance Contribution Act
  416. FIN Fiduciary Identification Number
  417. FINDE/FINDS Command Codes
  418. FIRPTA Foreign Investment Real Property Tax Act
  419. FLC File Location Code
  420. FM Fiscal Month
  421. FMS Financial Management Service
  422. FOD Foreign Operations District
  423. FOF Fact of Filing
  424. FOI Freedom of Information
  425. FP Full Paid
  426. FPAA Final Partnership Administrative Adjustment
  427. FPLP Federal Payment Levy Program
  428. FRB Federal Reserve Bank
  429. FR(C) Filing Requirement (Code)
  430. FRC Federal Records Center
  431. FSAA Final S-Corporation Administrative Adjustment
  432. FSC Filing Status (Code) (Form 1040 Series)
  433. FSP Functional Specification Package
  434. FTD Federal Tax Deposit
  435. FTF Failure to File
  436. FTL Federal Tax Lien
  437. FTP Failure to Pay
  438. FTS 2000 Federal Telecommunications System 2000
  439. FY Fiscal Year
  440. FYE Fiscal Year Ending
  441. FYM Fiscal Year Month
  442. GAME State Lottery and Gambling Casino Winners
  443. GEN Group Exemption Number
  444. GERL Good/Error/Reject Block Proof Record List
  445. GLF General Ledger File
  446. GMF Generalized Mainline Framework
  447. GOALS Government On-Line Accounting Link System
  448. GPP General Purpose Program
  449. GUF Generalized Unpostable Framework
  450. HC Hold Code
  451. HSTG Hostage
  452. HTF Highway Trust Fund
  453. HUR High Underreporter
  454. ICP Integrated Case Processing
  455. ICS Inventory Control System
  456. ICS Integrated Collection System
  457. ID Identification
  458. IDRS Integrated Data Retrieval System
  459. IDS Inventory Delivery System
  460. IE Itemized Deductions
  461. IGP Information Gathering Project
  462. IMF Individual Master File
  463. IMPIS Integrated Management Planning Information System
  464. IMS Integrated Management System
  465. IP Interactive Applications
  466. IPR Individual Performance Report
  467. IRAF Individual Retirement Account File – No longer used
  468. IRM Internal Revenue Manual
  469. IRMF Information Returns Master File
  470. IRP Information Return Program
  471. IRSS Information Return Master File Transcript
  472. ISRP Integrated Submission and Remittance Processing
  473. ITIF Individual Taxpayer Information File
  474. ITIN IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  475. IVL Individual Validation Listing
  476. JOC Joint Operation Command – Atlanta
  477. KDO Key
  478. KIF Key Index File – No longer Used
  479. KITA Killed in Terrorist Action
  480. KV Key Verify
  481. LADAR Large Dollar Accounts Receivable
  482. LEM Law Enforcement Manual
  483. LMSB Large & Mid-Size Business
  484. LOAF Level One Archive File ACS
  485. LPS Last Period Satisfied
  486. LRA Last Return Amount
  487. MACS Midwest Automated Compliance System
  488. MAR Mid–Atlantic Region
  489. MCC Major City Code
  490. MCC Martinsburg Computing Center
  491. MCR Master Control Record
  492. MDF Master Directory File
  493. ME Math Error
  494. MeF Modernized e File
  495. MED Medicare
  496. MER Management Error Report
  497. MF Master File
  498. MFA Married Filing Alien
  499. MFR Mail File Requirement (Code)
  500. MFT Master File Transaction
  501. MIR Management Information Report
  502. MIS Management Information System
  503. MOP Military Operations
  504. MPS Master File Pipeline System
  505. MRS Microfilm Replacement System
  506. NAI National Accounts Index
  507. NAICS North American Industry Classification System
  508. NAP National Account Profile
  509. NAMEB/NAMI Command Code
  510. NB Non–Business
  511. NBAP Notice of Beginning of Administrative Procedures
  512. NCC National Computing Center
  513. NECT Non–Exempt Charitable Trust
  514. NIF Not In File
  515. NMF Non–Master File
  516. NO National Office
  517. NPJ Non Pre–Journalized
  518. NR No Remittance
  519. NRA Non Resident Alien
  520. NRPS Notice Review Processing System
  521. NSF Name Search Facility
  522. NTRR Net Tax Refund Report
  523. NU Nullified Unpostables
  524. NUL Nullified Unpostable Listing
  525. OASI Old Age Survivors Insurance
  526. OBL Outstanding Balance List
  527. OCR Optical Character Recognition
  528. OE Office Examination
  529. OE Original Entry
  530. OFP Organizations Functions and Programs
  531. OG/OB Office Group/Office Branch
  532. OLE On Line Entity
  533. OPAC On-Line Payment and Collection System
  534. OTA On-Line Tax Advisor
  535. OTFP Other Than Full Paid
  536. OTN TOP Offset Trace Number
  537. PANF Plan Account Number File
  538. PAO Penalty Appeals Officer
  539. PBA Principal Business Activity Code
  540. PC Process Code
  541. PCA Project literal for the Performance Evaluation Reporting Project
  542. PCB Project literal for the Service Center Workload Scheduling Project
  543. PCD Project literal for the Control Data Analysis Project
  544. PCCF Plan Case Control File
  545. PCS Partnership Control System
  546. PCF Plan Characteristics File
  547. PDT Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer
  548. PE Program Error
  549. PE Production Evaluation
  550. PECF Presidential Election Campaign Fund
  551. PIA Principal Industry Activity Code
  552. PICF Partnership Information Control File
  553. PINEX Penalty and Interest Explanations
  554. PJ Pre–Journalized
  555. PLC Primary Location Code
  556. PLEC Plan Level Entity Control
  557. PMF Payer Master File
  558. POA Power of Attorney
  559. POD Post of Duty
  560. PPBS Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System
  561. PRA Pre–refund Audit
  562. PRC Penalty Reason Code
  563. PRN Penalty Reference Number
  564. PRO Problem Resolution Officer
  565. PRP Program Requirement Package (Information Technology Services)
  566. PRP Problem Resolution Program
  567. PSP Program and Special Project
  568. PSSN Primary Social Security Number
  569. PTP Publicly Traded Partnerships
  570. PTIN Preparer Tax Identification Number
  571. PTP Publicly Traded Partnership
  572. PTPF Payee TIN Perfection File
  573. PY Processing Year
  574. PYNC Prior Year Notice Code
  575. QRP Questionable Refund Program
  576. QRDT Questionable Refund Detection Team
  577. RA Revenue Agent
  578. RACS Revenue Accounting Control System
  579. RAF Reporting Agent’s File
  580. RC Reason Code
  581. RCC Return Condition Code
  582. RCF Recertification System (IDRS)
  583. RDC Regional Disbursing Center
  584. RDD Return Due Date
  585. RDO Regional Disbursing Office
  586. REF Refund Information File
  587. REI Recognition Equipment Incorporated
  588. RF Retention File
  589. RFC Regional Finance Center
  590. RICS Return Inventory Classification System
  591. RIS Real-time Input System
  592. RIS Request for Information Technology Services
  593. RMF Residual Master File
  594. RO Revenue Officer
  595. ROFT Record of Federal Tax
  596. RPD Remittance Processing Device
  597. RPS Remittance Processing System
  598. RRCS Revenue Receipt Control Sheet
  599. RRPS Residual Remittance Processing System
  600. RRT Railroad Retirement
  601. RSED Refund Statute Expiration Date
  602. RTL Renumbered Transaction List
  603. RUC Responsibility Unit Code
  604. RWMS Resource and Workload Management System
  605. SB/SE Small Business & Self-Employed
  606. SC Service Center
  607. SCCA Service Center Cost Accounting
  608. SCCB Service Center Collection Branch
  609. SCCF Service Center Control File
  610. SCME Service Center Math Error
  611. SCRS Service Center Replacement System
  612. SCTN Service Center Taxpayer Notice
  613. SCUP Service Center Unpostable
  614. SCRIPS Service Center Recognition/Image Processing System
  615. SD Source Document
  616. SDF Source Document Folders (IDRS)
  617. SERFE Selection of Exempt Returns for Examination
  618. SFR Substitute for Return
  619. SIC Schedule Indicator Code
  620. SITLP State Income Tax Levy Project
  621. SKIF SSN Key Index File
  622. SOI Statistics of Income
  623. SPC Special Project Code
  624. SPF Special Procedures Function
  625. SR Settlement Register
  626. SSA Social Security Administration
  627. SSA-CAWR SSA referred CAWR cases with “missing” Forms W-2. Potential Civil penalty case.
  628. SSSN Secondary Social Security Number/Spouse’s SSN
  629. SST Social Security Tax
  630. STEX Statute Expired
  631. SUPER Study of the Utility of Processing Electronic Returns
  632. SVC Special Valuation Code
  633. SWR Southwest Region
  634. TAS Taxpayer Advocate Service
  635. TC Transaction Code
  636. TCC Tennessee Computing Center
  637. TCC Transmittal Control Code (Magnetic Media)
  638. TCMP Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program
  639. TDA Taxpayer Delinquent Account (aka Bal Due)
  640. TDI Taxpayer Delinquency Investigation (aka Del Ret)
  641. TEB Tax Exempt Bonds
  642. TEFRA Tax Equity Fiscal Responsibility Act (1982)
  643. TE/GE Tax-Exempt & Government Entities
  644. TEP Tape Edit Processor
  645. TREES TE/GE Reporting & Electronic Examination System
  646. TFRP Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
  647. TIF Taxpayer Information File
  648. TILT Taxpayer Inquiry Lookup File
  649. TIN Taxpayer Identification Number
  650. TOP Treasury Offset Program
  651. TP Taxpayer
  652. TPC Third-Party Contact
  653. TPI Total Positive Income
  654. TPNC Taxpayer Notice Code
  655. TPS Taxpayer Service
  656. TR Transaction
  657. TRA Tax Reform Act
  658. TRIS Telephone Routing Interactive System
  659. TRS Transcript Research System
  660. TSN Tape Sequence Number
  661. TXI Taxable Income
  662. TY Tax Year
  663. UA Unavailable (charged out)
  664. ULC Unit Ledger Card also Universal Location Code
  665. UP Unpostable
  666. UPC Unpostable Code
  667. URC Unpostable Resolution Code
  668. URF Unidentified Remittance File (IDRS)
  669. URP Underreporter Program
  670. US Unserviceable
  671. VEBA Voluntary Employees Benefit Association
  672. VRU Voice Response Unit
  673. W Waiver
  674. WI Wage & Investments
  675. WIR Wage Information Retrieval System
  676. WP&C Work Planning & Control
  677. WPT Windfall Profit Tax
  678. WT Withholding Tax
  679. WTU Weekly TIF Update
  680. XSF Excess Collection File
  681. ZTIF Miscellaneous Taxpayer Information File (IRA, EPMF, NMF)

This list helps to find out common tax abbreviations or short form which is used in the USA or worldwide for understanding taxation in the USA.

By larry Brown

A senior accountant, and banking & finance expert, with five years long experience in banking, finance, Investment, and money management.


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