Social Security Number

If you wanna make your identity in the US then you must get a Social Security number (SSN). It is a nine-digit unique individual identification number issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents through the Social Security Administration. Your nine-digit Social Security number is your first and continuous connection to the United States.

Today, You are gonna learn about SSN on our best blog Here you will know the many benefits to get your SSN for different types of benefits in the US.

What do you mean by social security?

Actually, Social Security is the best program run by the federal government. This program works by using taxes paid into a trust fund to provide benefits to people who are eligible. You’ll need a Social Security number when you apply for a job according to SSA.

What is the format of the Social Security Number?

The format of the Social Security Number is very simple to understand. It is made with the help of Area Number, Group Number, and Serial Number. And with the combination of this, It becomes a unique number for an individual US citizen.


First three digitsArea Number (001 to 772)It represents an issuing State.
Then Two digitsGroup Number (01 to 99)They originally represented the groups of 10,000 numbers issued to a state’s post offices which were to help assign SSNs. They came to represent the issuing office.
Last four digitsSerial Number (0001 to 9999)They ascended from 0001 to 9999 within each group.

What is an example of a Social Security Number?

This is an example of a social security card for a JOHN DOE – 000-00-0000 and Social Security Number lookup

What are the benefits of a social security number?

There are many benefits of SSN for a citizen of the US can be seen such as-

  1. It is an identification number for an individual person in the US.
  2. To apply for employment
  3. As an identifier on tax returns
  4. To get a driver’s license
  5. To obtain a passport
  6. When enrolling in Medicare
  7. To open a bank account or other financial account
  8. To apply for a federal loan
  9. An SSN is used to track an individual’s yearly earnings and the number of years they’ve worked.

When should I apply for Social Security Number?

Generally, you will eligible to receive a Social Security number if you are a

  1. New baby-Parents can apply for their US-born baby.
  2. U.S. citizen
  3. or a lawfully admitted noncitizen who is authorized to work in the United States.
  4. if you are a student.
  5. exchange visitor.
  6. or temporary resident.
  7. For Retirement benefits.
  8. For Disability benefits
  9. And for Benefits for spouses or other survivors of a family member who’s died
  10. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  11. Applying for jobs
  12. It is important to apply for a Social Security number as soon as you are eligible because you will need it for a variety of purposes, including paying taxes, receiving government benefits, and opening a bank account.

What documents are required for SSNs?

These are the documents required for applying SSN-

NoDocumentsCan be produced, anyone for proof
1.Citizenship proofUS Birth Certificate
US passport
2.Age ProofUS Birth Certificate
(if no birth certificate)
A religious record made before the age of five showing your date of birth;
U.S. hospital record of your birth.
U.S. passport.
3.Identity ProofU.S. driver’s license.
State-issued non-driver identification card.
U.S. passport.
(if not have the above 3 documents)
Employee identification card.
School identification card.
Health insurance card (not a Medicare card).
U.S. military identification card.

Should I carry Original documents for my SSN?

You must present original documents or copies certified by the agency that issued them. SSA cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies. All documents must be current (not expired). SSA cannot accept a receipt showing you applied for the document.

SSA can accept only the above certain documents as proof of U.S. citizenship, age proof, and identity proof.

Anyone age 12 or older requesting an original Social Security number (SSN) must appear in person for an interview. SSA will ask for evidence to show you do not have an SSN. Here are examples of documents you can use to prove an SSN was never assigned:

If you lived outside the United States for an extended period, a current or previous passport, school and/or employment records, and any other record that would show long-term residence outside the United States could be used to show you do not have an SSN.

If you have lived in the United States and you are applying for an original SSN, SSA may ask you for information about the schools you attended or SSA may ask you to provide copies of tax records that would show you were never assigned an SSN.

Social Security must verify a birth record for all U.S.-born applicants who apply for an original SSN. An exception is made for a parent who applies for a baby’s SSN at the hospital when the baby is born. To verify a birth record, we will contact the office that issued it.

How to apply for Social Security Number?

There are simple steps that can be followed to apply for Social security Number or card-

  1. First of all, check your eligibility, or if eligible then
  2. Get the application form (SS-5) fill it and collect the required documents (list shown above) in original and copy.
  3. After completing of the application and document, get an online appointment or visit the nearest SSA office.
  4. Then attend your appointment and present the required documents.
  5. Then You will need to bring the completed application form and the required documents with you to your appointment.
  6. Then complete your application and documentation process.
  7. After the process, SSA will further process and verify the documents and will issue SSNs.
  8. It can take several weeks to receive your SSN.

How can I contact SSA?

SSA stands for Social Security Administration. It has a US govt. site- You can get any information on this site or you can contact Toll-Free Number on their National 800 Number at 1-800-772-1213 between 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Faqs on Social Security Number

1. What should I do if I get a call claiming there’s a problem with my Social Security number or account?

If there is a problem with your Social Security number, SSA will mail you a letter. Generally, They will only contact you if you have requested a call or have ongoing business with us, but They will never contact as:
#Threaten you with arrest or legal action.
#Suspend your Social Security number (SSN).
#Demand immediate payment from you.
#Require payment by cash, gift card, pre-paid debit card, internet currency, or wire transfer.
#Ask for gift card numbers over the phone or to wire or mail cash.
#Ask for personal details or banking information to give you a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).

You should learn about how to protect yourself from these types of scams. And if you receive a call from fraudsters then you should hang up and report it to the office of the Inspector General.

2. How many digits are in SSN?

There are Nine digits in SSN. It has a format such as 000-00-0000.

3. What is the full form of SSN?

SSN stands for Social Security Number. It is 9 digit unique identity number in the USA.

4. How can I get my Social Security Card?

You have to apply if are eligible for SSN. After applying SSA will process and verify and then provide you with a Social Security Number Card.

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